11 January, 2017

SSC MTS Exam Preparation Tips to Crack

Dear Aspirants,
Are you searching the SSC MTS Examination Preparation Tips and Strategies to prepare online at homeAre you looking for best way to prepare for SSC MTS 2018Then you are landed in your page of choice. In this article we are going to share you some Best SSC MTS EXAM Preparation Tips and Tricks to Crack Multitasking Staff.

 Staff Selection Commission of India conducts Multitasking Staff non technical post exam every year to fill the vacant positions of multitasking staff in various central govt departments and Offices. SSC MTS Exam is the group c level examination where the required qualifications for the post is Matriculation or 10th standard passed. So, it is very popular central govt group c exam. A huge number of candidates every year apply for the examination and makes their career as non technical Multitasking Staff

 Due to less qualification requirements, all matriculation passed candidates do apply for the examination. Again since the vacancies are limited and number of candidates applied for the exam is huge thus it becomes very competitive and only a few of applied candidates can able to qualify for it.
 Now a days there are various coaching classes available for Preparation. Which ultimately leads it to be tougher more and more every year and cut off marks goes higher and higher every successive year. But the fact is that everybody can not effort the coaching classes and thus they fail to qualify the examination. This post as well as this blog is dedicated to all those aspirants who have not enough time or money to join the coaching classes and due to which can't able to qualify the Multitasking group C exam. In this article we will guide you to qualify the Multitasking exam with home Study. Here we will provide you best SSC MTS Exam Preparation Tips, tricks and strategies to qualify the Multitasking non technical with less efforts. Just go through the post and follow the step that are mention below.

This Complete article contains the following sub Sections:
1. Pre Requirements for MTS (NT) Preparation

2. Recommended SSC MTS Exam Preparation Tips

a. Numerical Aptitude
b. General Intelligence & Reasoning
c. General English
d. General Awareness 

3. SSC MTS Paper 1 Preparation Tips

SSC MTS Exam Preparation Tips 2018 

If you are thinking to crack multitasking staff exam doing home study then you need to follow few proven steps in order to increase your knowledge level and so that you can make your position higher in the competition race for cracking Multitasking Staff exam. Following are the few proven Tips and Techniques that most toppers recommends for preparation of multitasking Staff (non technical) examination. If you have not still apply for this examination then you can apply online for mts 2018 through following link. Last date of online application is 30 January 2017.

1. Recommended SSC MTS Exam Preparation Tips 

 Study Latest Exam Syllabus & Pattern: First and the foremost thing that every aspirants required to follow is that downloading and studying the latest Syllabus . Since syllabus and pattern may change, so it is mostly recommended that one must read the latest pattern and syllabus only. Syllabus & Pattern give you the brief idea about the topics and contents which are asked in the examination. Also Pattern helps you to plan your writing skills and time management skills during exam. For details of SSC MTS Syllabus go through the link. 

  • Use Best Study Guide Book: Books are the best source of Knowledge. But following all types of available books in the market may not give you the maximum profit as you want. so be careful while selecting the good quality books. Now a days there are various online websites or blogs which are also very helpful for the examination. So you can also follows these blogs or website for study. In our one post we have mention few best quality books for multitasking Staff. You can visit the article for details of best books to crack. Best books for SSC Multitasking
  • Analyse Old Question Papers: Old question papers always serves a great source of reference questions. Staff Selection Commission generally repeats the old questions. So do refer the old question papers for preparing this examination. You can download the old question paper for Multitasking (Non-technical) or buy the old question paper set from the market or online. Old question paper helps you to understand the questions quality and types that are asked. You can also figure out the sections or topics from where the exam paper contains more questions and from which section less questions are come. 
  • Analyse Previous Year Cut off Marks: Old cut off marks is very helpful to find out the competition level of the examination. Higher cut off marks always refer to the higher competition level. Again every year cut off marks increases. So make the Study plan and strategy in such a ways that you can easily get more marks and qualify it. 
  • Identify the Strong and Weak Areas: Every student has a strong and weak ares in the syllabus. Some portion or topics of the syllabus is easier for some one and some portions is tougher. Make a list of easier and tougher portion of the syllabus and make a note. We generally try to neglect the tougher portion and only prepare for easier portions. But keep in mind that a topic or portion is considered tough because you just neglect it give less time to prepare it. If you give more attention to those topics it will become easier for you. So try to give more attentions for tougher portion then easier sections/topics. 
  • Make a Proper time table : After knowing all this things, the next most important element is making proper time table for your Study. Identify which time you mostly prefer to study for. Identify the time in such a way that you can give the full concentration for all the important topics. Make a suitable time table to cover all the sections of syllabus. Since the syllabus contains four main section namely General Awareness , English Language, Numerical Aptitude and Reasoning. Among those four sections General Awareness and English portions have more marks and more questions. Thus in your study time table try to put more time for those two sections as compared to Numerical Aptitude and Reasoning section. 
  • Practise Old Question Paper: Since Staff Selection Commission repeats old questions that are asked previously so try to practise old questions as much as possible to increase your accuracy level. The more you practise the more your probability of making mistakes during examination reduces. 
  • Revise as much as you can: It is said that revision is the only key to success of any competitive exam. Since the paper is very easy thus those candidates who have done more revision or practise the whole syllabus and topics, the changes of getting selected is increases. This is the experts advice that try to revise the sections that you have read already more and more. Without revision you will forgot all the things that you have read. 
  • Don't Waste your Preparation Time in Social Media: Now a days its a trend of our young generation is that every body is highly active in Social Media like Facebook, Tweeter or Instagram. If you really want to qualify in the examination then convert your social media time into doing more productive works. Invest your valuable time in those things which secures your future. If you are bored then try the play games which will increase your Reasoning as well as Quantitative Aptitude or GK. Try to watch English movies or News Channels instead. There are various reasoning game available for all smart phone. Play those game which will make your mind more reasonable. Thus try to utilise your free time to learn something. 
  • Test Yourself or Give Mock Tests: If we are well prepared then try to test yourself with old question papers. Take a old question paper and set a time and give mock test to test your Knowledge level. Try to test yourself every week .

2. SSC MTS Preparation Tips for Paper 1:

SSC Multitasking Consist of two papers. Paper 1 is Objective type multiple choose question paper and paper 2 is subjective type conventional paper. Mark obtain in paper 1 will be used to make the final merit list. Thus the importance of the paper 1 is ultimate. Thus you need to focus specific way to prepare for paper 1. There are four section in paper 1 namely as follows:
  • Numerical Aptitude 
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning 
  • General English 
  • General Awareness 
In above mention four sections Numerical Aptitude and General Intelligence & Reasoning contains 25 question each and thus carries 25 marks in each sections. The lower two sections namely General English and General Awareness contains 50 questions each and thus carries 50 marks in these two sections. Lets discuss SSC MTS study Tips for each sections of Paper 1

i. Numerical Aptitude :

The questions asked in this sections are very basic and 10th level Numerical Aptitude questions. Since this section carries only 25 marks thus try to manage your time accordingly to this section. Find out the topics which you find difficulty in this section from the syllabus and try to understand the topic first. Give more time for difficult sections and practise more those topics. In order to increase your knowledge in Numerical Aptitude section follow the follows Tips:

  • Identify the Toughest Topics and Clear them: The topics which you find difficulty try to identify them and find the route cause of your difficulty. Get experts help to clear those topics or refer good books or online blog to make easier those topic. 
  • Learn Basic formula's and Theorem: Take NCERT books of up to 10th standard and learn all the basic formula's and theorems in order to solve the question paper. Without clear basic formula's or theorem you cant able to learn more. 
  • Identify the topics with more Weightage and Practise them more: There are some topics which contains more marks in the paper. So find them out and do practise more for those topics. 
  • Memorise Important Formula's: Since without formula's you can't solve the question thus try to memorise the important formula's and charts like log table, trigonometric identities etc. 
  • Make Note on Short Cut Tricks: During preparation if you find any shortcut tricks to solve any question then make a note on those shortcut tricks. This will help you to increase you marks since you will be able to attempt more question if you utilise short tricks to solve the questions. 
  • Practise as much as you can: The more you practise the Quantitative Aptitude section, the more you will learn. With more and more practice you will build more tricks and confidence to solve the quantitative aptitude questions.

ii. General Intelligence & Reasoning:

General Intelligence and Reasoning section also contains 25 questions and thus carries 25 marks in the paper. The questions asked in this section is also very basic and designed in such a way to test the basic intelligence and Understanding level of the candidate. The questions in this section is also suitable for the matriculation students and of same standards. All the questions in this section will be of non verbal type. i.e. questions will be from various sections like similarities & differences, visual memory, decision making, number series, discriminating observations, social relations, figure classification and more. For details follow above mention link. The MTS Preparation tips for Reasoning is as follow:

  • Develop Reasoning Mind: The first thing to start preparing for reasoning is developing the habit of questioning and finding the reason of every thing surround us. Start asking yourself the term 'Why' and 'How'? 
  • Learn Social Relations: In our day to day life we use so many reasoning terms like our social relationships. Try to find our the social relation with your relative and practise more for others. 
  • Remember basic Arithmetical formula's: To solve the Arithmetic Reasoning try to remember basic arithmetic formula's, Arithmetic series like odd number series, even number series, or prime number series, series of square numbers. 
  • Improve Directional Reasoning: Direction is all around us. Try to improve your directional reasoning solving direction puzzles. While travelling to anywhere try to focus the route which you have come across and try to draw the route in a notebook. It will help you to improve directional reasoning skill. 
  • Play Reasoning games: In order to improve reasoning capabilities, playing reasoning games, paying Sudoku, playing IQ games is very helpful.Daily try to solve at least a single reasoning game of IQ test. There are several reasoning games are available for android base Smartphones. Download then and play at least one time in a day. 
  • Develop Analogical Mind: In order to improve Reasoning try to develop analogical mind. Try to make group of things with the help of their relationships like Pen, Pencil or Chawk Pencil are of same group i.e. writing accessories, similarly Motor cycle or Car or Aeroplane are of same group i.e. travelling means. Like wise try to identify the group of things and find out odd thing from those groups. 
  • Practise & Practise: The final and most effective way to improve reasoning for SSC Multitasking exam is practise the reasoning questions as much as you can.

iii.General English:

General English is very important part of Preparation. This section contains 50 marks and thus total mark allocated in this section is 50 marks. Since this section carries higher weightage in this paper thus candidate should focus more to improve this section. Few General English tips are as follows:
  • Improve English Grammar: Grammar is very important part of English language section of this paper. Most of the questions on this section contains from grammar topics like Sentence Structure, Synonyms, Antonyms , Correct tense etc. Thus to Improve Grammar candidate must buy school level grammar and should prepare from the very beginning and from very basic level. 
  • Improve Vocabulary:Vocabulary is very much needed thing to score more in this section. And improving vocabulary is one of the toughest thing among the students. Thus in order to improve vocabulary students should try to read English Magazines, English Newspapers, English movies etc. 
  • Start Talking in English: Speaking English with your friends or families really helps to improve your English Language. Even if you not know much English or even if you are poor in vocabulary then also start taking in English whenever possible. Don't be shy to express yourself in English.
  • Playing Cross word game: Cross word game is very useful for improving English Vocabulary. Take a English news paper and play cross word game. For unknown terms try to find synonyms in google.
  • Chatting In English With Friends: If you chat too much with your friend in social media or whats app then start chatting in English. It will help you to Improve English language. 
  • Practise: Practise old questions for improving English grammar. The more you practise the more you learn English grammar. 

iv.General Awareness :

General Awareness section also contains 50 questions and thus carries 50 marks in this section. Thus this section is also equally important as English section. Thus in order to make more marks in this paper you must prepare this section with greater efforts. This section includes all the general knowledge from various fields like environment around us, our art and culture, Indian history, Geography, Indian political system, Indian economy, recent science and technology and all other general fields. This section is included in order to taste the general awareness level of the candidate. Following are the most important Tips to improve general Awareness .
  • Follow Good book for Static GK: Static general knowledge like our history, geography or political or Economics are very key elements of general Awareness. Thus try to read all this sections to improve general knowledge section. Get a good book and read general knowledge section thoroughly and memorise all the statics question as much as you can. Buy Best books on Flipkart.com 
  • Read Daily Newspaper and Monthly Magazine: In order to Improve general happening or general awareness level try to read one news paper daily. It will improve your general awareness to a great extant. Reading monthly magazine is also very helpful for revising the total happening in the month. Follow a good monthly magazine. 
  • Playing General Knowledge Game In smart phone: Now a days Smart phone are so helpful for improving us if we utilise them in correct way. There are a lot of general awareness quiz game available in Play store. Try to play at least one game a day. It will improve your general awareness. 
  • Follow a good Online blog : Online Blogs are also very helpful now a days to for online preparation for general awareness. Few best online blog for current affairs are www.sscadda.com and www.gktoday.in 
  • Revise and Revise: The more you revise the more you will learn. General awareness section is very prone to forgot. Thus the more and frequently you read the same things, your general awareness level improves to that extend.
" We hope this article On SSC MTS Exam Preparation Tips will help you to prepare for SSC MTS Exam in better way. IF you have any doubt or quarries, you can freely put a question on comment section below. We will try to help you at our best. Thanks for Visit"


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