26 January, 2017

How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 1 ? Tips to Score More in All four Sections

Dear Aspirants,
SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Preparation : Are you doing tier-1 preparation? Are you searching experts guide to crack CGL exam? Do you need Preparation tips for SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam to qualify it ? Are you searching for how to Prepare for CGL Tier I Exam at home? Are you thinking to qualify SSC CGL Tier 1 in first attempt? Then this post is just for You.

 Preparation tips for SSC CGL Tier 1 2018?

In this article we will provide you complete guide and best & smart tips to prepare for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam. Here we try to provide section and topic wise(mainly focused on Quantitative Aptitude, English Comprehension, General Intelligence & Reasoning and General Awareness or GK ) effective tips of preparation. We will also provide you complete guidance to how to make smart strategy & plans for SSC tier 1 Preparation at home. And thus you will be benefited at most through this post. And thus you will be able to make a suitable study plans & strategies Topic and section wise in order to qualify the exam at first attempt.

Topic covered In this article Are as follows:

i. Need of Separte Tier 1 Preparation

ii. Brief Idea about SSC CGL & Tier I Exam Pattern

iii. Preparation Tips for SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam
     a. English Language and Comprehension Preparation
     b. General Intelligence & Reasoning for CGL Tier1
     c. General Awareness Preparation
     d. Quantitative Aptitude Tips

i. Need of Separate Tier 1 Preparation for SSC CGL:

Dear aspirants,
In this section we will try to focus why do we need a separate Tier-I study plan. Since it is the first step and without cracking this tier you will not allowed to sit for tier 2 or tier 3 exam. Again marks of tier I included with tier2 and tier3 to prepare overall merit chart. 

Cracking selection  commission Exams is not that tough that we generally think of. Just you need a proper path and clear Vision and well planned strategy for this exam in order to crack it. In our previous post we have given brief descriptions about staff selection commission Examination and Syllabus and latest pattern details and pre and post work requirements for preparing and qualifying the graduate level Exam. If you are visiting first to this page and not visited our previous post then it is advised you to please visit our First post written for Combined graduate level Exam study plan. Click below to Visit.

  This article is written in order to  provide you CGL  Tier 1 Preparation Tips topic wise and Section wise. Here we are going to focus mainly on how each topics of both tier I  can be prepared to score more and get qualified for tier 2. We will also try to put best strategies and to do lists to qualify India's most competitive exam . Go through the posts.

ii.Brief Idea about SSC CGL & Tier 1 Exam Pattern:

We want to inform you that CGL is the most popular graduate level exam conducted by Staff Selection Commission of India. Through this examination various gazetted and non-gazetted officers are recruited to fulfil the vacancies in various Central government departments and offices. The minimum required qualification to apply is Graduate degree in any discipline from any recognised university or Institute. Employees through Combined graduate level are recruited in two different pay scales i.e. pay Band 1 and pay band 2. Though the pay scales are different for both the grades but there will be a common written exam. Depending upon the rank and preferences given by the candidates during the registration process candidates will be provided the respective Posts.

Before proceed to the topic and section wise discussion you must have a brief knowledge about this examination, its syllabus and Pattern. Staff selection commission will release notification for combined graduate level Exam 2018 on February 2018 and the online registration process will be started on due time. The tier I exam will be held on May-June 2018. Notification will be available shortly following link. Whether you can check Exam Syllabus and pattern.

CGL exam 2018 complete Notification : Available shortly 

2016 onward staff selection commission had notified that the examination will contains 4 tiers, in which tier I and tier II is computer based and tier 3 is descriptive type written exam containing essay/prices/letter writing examination and Tier 4 is computer proficiency test/Skill test. There will be no interview component in the selection process. The overall selection list will be prepared on the basis of performance in all the 3 tiers. Again it was notified earlier that tier I  will be of qualifying type examination but later staff selection commission clarified that the mark obtain in tier1 will also be added to prepare final merit list. Thus this is very good news for all staff selection exam preparing students. But bad news is that there was a huge hike in the cut off marks in staff selection commission tier I 2016 examinations. For detail of cut of marks of previous year you can visit this link expected cut of marks for SSC CGL Tier 1 & Tier 2 2016

There are lacks of candidate throughout India applying for combined graduate level and thus competition level is very high. candidates need a good prep plans. The study tips for graduate level Tier I as well as tier 2 topics and chapter wise is given below:

iii. Preparation Tips for SSC CGL Tier 1

First tier exam is fully multiple choice examination and from 2016 onward staff selection commission notified that tier I exam conducted through online mode only. Again the time allocated for this exam reduced significantly form earlier 2 hour period to 60 minutes from 2016 onward. On the other hand total number of question also decreases from earlier 200 questions to only 100 question. The exam paper contains four sections where each sections contains 25 questions and each question carries 2 mark thus total mark for each section is 50 marks, and so total mark in this paper is 200.
 Since only after qualifying tier1 exam a candidate is promoted to sit for tier2 exam. And again since the mark obtain in tier I is added for the preparing the final selection list, thus candidates need to prepare not only to qualify the examination but also to score reasonably high to be listed in finally selected candidates as well. Through there are four sections in the CGL tier1 exam, it is important to note that there is no any sectional cut off marks for each section. Over all mark obtain in tier I paper is considered for cut off listing. Let’s go in depth of each Section and topics to have good preparation plans. 

The four sections of the CGL Teir I namely as follows:
  • English Language and Comprehension 
  • General intelligence and Reasoning 
  • General awareness 
  • Quantitative Aptitude
Where as tier 2 examination contains 2 papers namely
  • English language and Comprehension 
  • Quantitative Aptitude
Each paper is of 200 marks and contains 100 questions in each.
Tier 3 will be a descriptive type English paper containing essay writing, precey writing and letter, report writing.

 Each section of tier I exam and tier II examination is very important and carries equal marks in the examination. Thus you have to prepare equally for all the parts. Whereas Quantitative Aptitude and English Language & comprehension are common for both the tiers thus they need more focused study in order to qualify the examination. Thus you need to give more emphasis &  time for those two sections. The Sections wise prep strategies  for  Tier-I is given below.

iii.SSC CGL Tier 1 Preparation Tips Section Wise:

a.English Language & Comprehension   Preparation:

English language and comprehension paper is 25 questions and thus marks allocated in this part is 50 marks and thus weightage of this part for tier I exam is 25% in the SSC tier-1 exam paper. Again since this section is very important for Tier 2 also thus you need a good study plans for this section to score high. Few smart strategies and to do lists for increase your English language knowledge is given below:
  1. Read Daily English New papers, English Magazines, trending news articles and read good English novels. The best English newspapers are The Hindu, Time of India and Magazine includes Economic times, India today etc. 
  2. Buy a best English Grammar and comprehension and clear all grammar section which is asked in the examination. Remember all the grammar rules for tense, error spotting Voice change, narration Change, tag question and all. 
  3. English News and English Movies are the best way to practise to increase your English knowledge. While watching movies and news in the TV always watch English channel even though if you don’t understand. After hearing much time at least you will be familiar with English words and sentences. 
  4. If you are mobile game lover then play Word Rush game and play English puzzle solving games in your smart phone. It is a good way to use time for both fun and learn purpose. 
  5. We Indian people love Hindi song and we are crazy to hear songs. We spend 2-3 hours daily hearing song. I have smart tricks for here and learn English. Always try to Hear English Songs as much as you can and English news and stories in your mobile. It helps great way to improve your English language. 
  6. Keep a small dictionary with you all the time or if you have smart phone then download Oxford or any best online dictionary so that you can search any unseen and unknown word meaning at any moment. 
  7. Learn daily 5-10 new English words. In this regard student have a wrong concept that they just by heart word meaning. This is wrong way to remember the word meaning. While reading daily newspapers or magazines figure out few unknown words and search for meaning and analyse how these words are used in the sentence. Try to reuse those words in day to day activities and talking with friends. If you follow this process you can easily remembered those words and will never forget. 
  8. If you find any daily used important English word then immediately search for its synonym and antonyms in dictionary and use the words in your daily talking’s. 
  9. Another good practise that any CGL Exam aspirants have to follow is talking in English with your friends in usual talks, in phone gossipping and in all the talking activities and try to use both antonyms and synonyms of all used words. 
  10. We love to chat in what’s app, Facebook, hike and all other social cites and we generally preferred short cut words in chatting; isn’t it? But it is not good practise from English learning point of view. The good practise is to enable the mobile Dictionary On in your smart phone and trying to type the complete words by yourself so that you can learn English correctly. 
  11. Practise English grammar as much as you can to Improve English Comprehension and grammar. Read Essays read articles and read similar meaning word and more. The more you practise the more you learn. 
  12. Download previous year question paper and do mock test daily at least one paper. 
  13. Time management is the most important key of success in any competitive examination. During examination try to solve English questions first since this is comparatively easy to solve and consumes less time. Don’t touch the questions which are unknown to you. 
  14. Revise all the touch topics as much as you can. Revision makes easy to solve even the harder sections and questions.

b. General Intelligence and Reasoning for SSC CGL tier 1 Preparation:

General Intelligence is one of the important sections for CGL written examination. There are 25 questions in this sections and total mark allocated to this section is also 50 marks. Thus the weightage of this section for  tier I exam is also 25 % .The questions for reasoning are so prepared as to check the general intelligence and mental understanding and IQ level of the candidates. In general questions from reasoning section are not so much touch in nature. But to solve the questions it takes time and thus you need few short cut tricks  to speed up your question solving capacity. Questions are so set that if you are provided more time to solve reasoning question you can easily solve all the questions but in fix time or in shorter period of time solving reasoning question is the challenge and to accept the challenge you need smart strategy and plans. Study plan required more practise, learning short cut techniques and tricks for each topics of reasoning. In this section of this article we are going to mention few reasoning tips & tricks to solve reasoning questions.
  1. First thing one need to do for Reasoning is selecting best Reasoning books for study which containing a lot of questions. 
  2. Buy or have a note book or diarybook so that you can write every short cut tricks you discover during practice time and solving and reasoning questions. Use shortcut trick every time you solve any reasoning questions. 
  3. The answer of each reasoning question lies in the question. So while solving try to read clearly and deeply each question. There are various data required to solving reasoning questions are generally given in the question only. Try to extract those data’s and use effectively for solving the questions. 
  4. Download previous year question papers and try to solve reasoning as much as you can. The more you practise the reasoning the more your mind will be opened up. 
  5. Note down each tricks topic and type of question wise to solve critical and analytical reasoning. Visit blogs and forums to discover shortcut tricks. Of make your own tricks to solve. 
  6. For mobile game lovers now days there are range of mobile games for fun. I recommend you to play puzzle games in your Mobile instead of playing stupid games. 
  7. You can also utilise your Spare time for reasoning playing IQ games in mobile or tablet or PC. 
  8. While reading newspaper solve Sudoku of always. It will increase your thinking capability 
  9. Another important think to increase thinking capacity is playing chess with your friends. 
  10. There are few questions are asked from 3D visualisation. Try to improve your 3D visualisation. Imagine the object around us viewing 3 dimension while taking rest or while sleeping 
  11. Improve Direction Visualisation. Every year CGL Tier I paper contains 1-2 direction puzzle questions 
  12. Practise to Blood relation puzzles. Play blood relation asking games with friends. 
  13. To solve mathematical number series reasoning you required few fundamental mathematical formula's. Memorise all fundamental mathematical formula's of secondary levels to solve mathematical reasoning. 
  14. Memorise square and cube of number up to 30. e.g square of 9 is 81 and 13 is 169, square of 25 is 655 and so on. This will help you to quick solve of mathematical reasoning. 
  15. Also Memorise Square and cube roots of numbers up to 30 or even more. e.g square root of 625 is 25. It will also help you to quick solve of number series reasoning. 
  16. There is various question covered form English letter positional reasoning. Try to memorise positions of all the letters like letter ‘e’ has a position 5 and ‘w’ is 23, z is 26 etc. By heart “EJOTY” this have positions as 5,10,15,20,25 
  17. Note down the important topics and frequently asked topics from previous year question paper and try to solve as much as you can from those topics. few important topics are Analogy, Coding-decoding, Word-Number series, Symbolic operation, Classification, Blood relation, Social Intelligence, Number series, Word building, Van Diagram etc. 
  18. Time planning is very essential for scoring high marks in tier I Exam. While solving exam paper don't stick too much in a single reasoning question. It is very important to note that reasoning questions seems very easy at first glance but sometimes it is quite tricky and difficult to solve. So it’s a advice to you that if you not able to solve any reasoning question in single attempt then leave the question or mark it as review and try to revisit the question if your time permits. Otherwise it will eat your valuable time. And Keep in mind that time is more important in any competitive Examination. 
  19. Spend at least 2 hours daily for solving reasoning question. The more you practise the more you will learn. Old question a best to choose for. You may also choose questions from good practise set. For Reasoning preparation guide topic wise you can visit this link.

C. General Awareness  for  SSC CGL  Tier 1 Preparation:

General awareness or general knowledge is another important section of CGL First tier Written examination. There are 25 questions in this part and since each question carries 2 mark so the total mark allocated to this section is 50 marks. And also the weightage of General Awareness is also 25 % in  Tier I exam. There are two parts of Current Affairs and General knowledge namely static gk and Current Affairs GK. General knowledge questions are asked mainly from static general knowledge  portion and very less questions from current affairs or current awareness. This is the only section where formal study plan will not work. Current affairs questions includes all the latest happenings in all the field including sports, politics, economics condition, entertainments, trending news, science and technology and all other current GK from every field of our day to day life. Static GK portion includes questions from all the general topics of HSLC or Secondary level syllabus like History, geography, Politics, economics, science, environment, sports, who’s who, top 10 in every field and many more etc. Thus to score more in this section you need a good study plan. And one funny thing is that here concepts and ideas will not work out. The more things you able memorised the more you will score in the Examination. Few Useful tips to increase your GK and general awareness is given below:

  1. Read Daily English newspaper and Monthly magazines. And note down any important news or happening you got from daily newspaper or magazine. This type of note will be helpful for final time revise. One more thing is that reading English newspaper will help you to prepare for both English and general awareness section. 
  2. Watch English new channel in TV. This will also benefit you in two ways i.e. It will increase you English comprehension as well as current affairs section. 
  3. Watch Discovery and National Geography. Daily it will increase you science general knowledge. 
  4. Follow best static GK book. Buy best General knowledge books and read them in regular basis. The more you read the more you will learn. I have listed Best GK books for SSC CGL Tier 1, visit to buy best general knowledge book. 
  5. There are various android game app are available now a days for Static GK. Playing GK games on mobile will help you for to increase General knowledge along with a lot of fun and good utilisation of time. 
  6. Like Facebook pages and website pages to get latest GK updates on Facebook. 
  7. Since scoring in this section and solving General knowledge questions are very easy and less time consuming thus give more to prepare for GK section. It will save your time during examination and also give you more score. 
  8. During exam try to solve General knowledge questions first since this portion is easy to solve and quicker to solve. 
  9. Prepare for all static GK sections smartly. For History question tries to remember the happening in sequential manner and make story of all significant happening. Making Story of significant happening will help you to remember the consequences of a particular historic period during examination easily. 
  10. For Geography Section buy good and details pictures of World map, India map and other regional maps. This will help you to remembers the locations of states and countries and help you to get geographical ideas. Pictures are better to remember 
  11. Revise as much as you can. The more you read the more you learn. 
  12. MCQ GK preparation guide for static General knowledge : Click here

D. Quantitative Aptitude tips for SSC CGL Tier 1 Preparation:


Among the four sections of this exam, the role of QA section is vital and most crucial. In tier1 total of 25 questions comes from this sections and thus total mark allocated in this portion is 50 marks. In tier 2 examination also Quantitative Aptitude has a single paper of 200 marks and this paper contains 100 questions where each question carries 2 marks. Thus Quantitative Aptitude is very much important from both tier1 and tier 2 examination point of view. This section is comparatively tougher and more time consuming than any other sections. To score high in QA you need more dedication, lot of handwork and continuous practise. There are several topics in Quantitative Aptitude and thus to score more you need to identify effective tips and need to make smart strategy for this section. The strategy for Quantitative Attitude is given below:
  1. First thing is you need a Best Book for Quantitative Aptitude study . Buy best book for AQ from this link. 
  2. Have detail knowledge about quantitative aptitude syllabus and point out your strong and weak areas in this section. There is a huge syllabus for quantitative aptitude and all the sections many not be of your interest or may be difficult for you. Thus list out the areas where you are strong and the areas which you thing tougher for you 
  3. Make chart for all the required formula's, Fundamental theorems and memorise them so that you can easily use the formula's wherever and whenever required. If you find difficult to memorised the formula's by reading only then use different methods like doing writing practice, or making chart and pasting in the wall or making Wall Paper in laptop or mobile or any other effective way you can opt for. The only result needed is all the formulas should be in your tip of tongue. 
  4. Make daily study plans and timetable for every topics. Divide all the topic day wise and prepare them. Give more time to prepare for week areas and less time for strong areas. Do not be happy only solving the known questions. No one will guarantee from which topics selection commission sets the questions more. Thus to reduce the chances unknown questions try to be master of all the topics. 
  5. Note down shortcut trick for each topics and memorise them. This will help you to faster solving of the questions. There are various shortcut tricks for maths like vedic math tricks. Find out the short cut math tricks from various study materials and note them down. Use this tricks while solving questions. 
  6. Memorise Squares, Cubes, Square roots, Cube roots for commonly used numbers. You can memorise square and cubes of numbers up to 40 and same for square roots. 
  7. Download old question paper and practise as much as you can. The more you practise the more easily and quickly you can solve QA questions. 
  8. Do mock test in regular basis. Mock test will help you to increase solving speed and also help you to do time management. 
  9. During examination try to solve other section first and Quantitative aptitude in last since this section is more time consuming. 
  10. Read the questions carefully while solving any question. People does mistakes due to less and improper reading of question before start solving. 
  11. Don’t spend too much time for a single question during exam time. If you get a little difficult to solve any Quantitative aptitude question just leave it or mark it as review and do another question. 
  12. Don’t guess and answer if you don’t know the answer. It may reduce your obtained mark since the examination contains negative markings. 
  13. Quantitative Aptitude guide chapter wise. Click here

Hope your have Enjoyed this article on how to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 1 exam. In this article we have presented section wise preparation tips for SSC CGL Tier 1 .Since Combined graduate level Tier1 is very important section of this exam thus a good and dedicated strategy is surely need in to crack this Exam.

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