23 December, 2016

Chemistry GK Study Note: Matter- Compound & Mixture - Page 1

Chemistry Note of Matter: Compounds & Mixtures – Page 1

Matter is formed by basic elements like Metals, Non Metals and Metalloids.  Example of metal is Iron, Aluminum, Zinc etc. and example of non-metals is oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, Nitrogen etc. When two or more these pure metal or non-metal combined with fixed proportion of mass then the composed of substance is called Compound. The properties of such compounds are very different then their basic elements by which it are formed. For example Water is compound which has 2 hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom but the property of H2O i.e. water is very different from hydrogen or oxygen individual. Every element that we saw with our eye are mostly compounds like sugar, salt, water, Alcohol, wood, wool or any touchable thing. Compounds are generally divided into two types

     a.      Organic Compounds
     b.      Inorganic Compound

Organic Compound: The Compounds that are derived from all the living things and sources are called organic compound. The compound derived from our human body or Plants or Animals are organic compound. Some of foci are also organic compound. The basic Element of Organics compounds are Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen. All Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives are Organic Compound like Proteins, Oil, Carbohydrates, Petroleum products etc.

Inorganic Compound: All the compounds that are present in Non-living Things or are obtained or derived from non-living sources are called inorganic compound. Non living sources like wood, rock, and mountain minerals etc. Some of the commonly known inorganic compounds are Washing Soda, Salt, Rusting of Iron,


Things or Materials that are obtained by mixing two or more Substance in any indefinite Proportion is called Mixture where the properties of individual mixed substances remain unchanged. Some of the example of mixture is Milk in water, Salt in Sea water, Petrol, Cement Mud in water, Iodine.

Mixtures are generally of two types

       a.      Homogeneous Mixture
       b.      Heterogeneous Mixture

Homogeneous Mixture: In Homogeneous type of mixture two or more substances are mixed in such a way that they has a uniform composition through out and do not have any visible Boundaries of separation of constituent substances in the mixture like when we mixed salt in water we don’t see salt separately.  Other examples are Sugar dissolve in water, Iodine dissolve in CCl4, Alcohol in water etc.

Heterogeneous Mixture: In Heterogeneous type of mixture two or more substances are mixed in such a way that they has no uniform composition through out and have quite visible boundaries of separation of constituent substances in the mixture. For example when we mixed Tea in boiling water then we can easily see tea in water. Other examples are Sand mixed in water, mud mixed in water, Sulphur and Sand etc.

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