27 August, 2016

MCQ GK DOZE : Indian Polity and Constitution : Basic Info.

Dear Job Aspirants
Constitutions of any country is a set of fundamental principals and rules, which is applied to state or other governing or non governing bodies so as to govern the country efficiently and correctly. During the period of Indian Independence The Cabinet Mission Plan which proposed to form a constitutional Assembly so so to frame the Constitution for India. Accordingly the Constitution of India was framed and thus adopted from 26, January 1950. The Constitution of Indian is consist of a Preamble, 445 Article divided into 22 Parts and 12 Schedules. The Constitution also contains articles for various National Identities like national flag, National Emblem, National Anthem, National Song, National Animal, And all other national Identities. So let's discuss few basic MCQ on Indian Constitution.
1. The tricolour flag of India is adopted as national flag in which of the date?
a. 26 January 1949
b. 26 January 1950
c. 9 December 1946
d. 24 July 1947

2. The "Satyameva Jayate" of our national emblem is written in which of the following Scripts.
a. Sanskrit script
b. Devanagari Script
c. English Script
d. Urdu Script

3. What is the recitation period of Out national Anthem "Jana gana mana"?
a. 45 Sec
b. 50 sec
c. 52 sec
d. 60 sec

4. Our national Song "Vande Mataram" is taken taken from a famous book of Banking Chandra Chatterji. What is name of the book?
a. Gitanjali
b. Amarnath
c. Durgeshnandini
d. Kapalkundala

5. Which of the following calendar is the official calendar of India?
a. Saka calendar
b. Georgian Calendar
c. English Calendar
d. None

6. Which of the following is the national Animal of India?
a. Lion
b. Eliphant
c. Tiger
d. Rhino

7. Which of the following is the National Aquatic Animal of India?
a. Shark
b. Crocodile
c. River Dolphin
d. Star fish

8. Which of following countries have an Unwritten Constitution?
a. USA
b. UK
c. Pakistan
d. India

9. Which of the following idea was not included during the time of enactment of the co situation of India?
a. Liberty
b. Justice
c. Equality
d. Socialist

10.The word 'Socialist', 'Secular' and 'Unity' and 'Integrity' were added to the Constitution of India In which of the following Ammentnet act and when?
a. 25th Amendment Act 1971
b. 30th Amendment Act 1972
c. 39th Amendment Act 1975
d. 42nd Amendment Act 1976

1. d
2. b
3. c
4. b
5. a
6. c
7. c
8. b
9. d
10. d

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