25 August, 2016

MCQ GK DOZE: Indian History Vedic Period - page 1

Dear SSC Aspirants,
In this MCQ GK post on Indian History of Vedic period, we will be focusing mainly on various Vedic cultures, rituals, and Vedic traditions. We will also discuss the Societies of Vedic period,  Vedic religion, Economy system adopted by Aryans, Civilisation and many more.

As we all know our Vedic culture and religion is the main stream of Civilisation of Indian Sub continents. Indian Sub continent is the home of our Aryan who were believed to be the native of this soil. Aryan followed various Vedic rituals and riligions which is known to be one of the oldest religion of the world called Sanatan Dharma or the modern name Hindu religion. They followed various Vedic cultures which has great significance in Indian subcontinent till date. So let's discuss few multiple choice questions based on Vedic period.
1. According to popular belief(Max Mueller view) Aryans are supposed to have migrated to Indian Sub continent from which of the following place?
a. South East Asia
b. Middle East
c. North Asia
d. Central Asia

2. According to popular belief when did Aryan were first migrated to Indian Sub continent?
a. 3000 BC - 2000 BC
b. 4000BC - 3000 BC
c. 2000 BC - 1500 BC
d. 1000 BC - 200 BC

3. Boghazkai Inscription, the Inscription associated with Aryans Vedic gods found in which of the following Country?
a. Turkey
b. Russia
c. Athens
d. Franch

4. According to Boghazkai  Inscription which of the following god is not the gods of Aryans?
a. Krishna
b. Indra
c. Varuna
d. Mitra

5. In which of the following present state did Aryans were first settled in Indian Sub Continent?
a. Gujarat
b. Punjab
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Rajasthan

6. Which of the following vedic literature is considered as the oldest literature of Vedic Period?
a. Rig Veda
b. Sama Veda
c. Yajur Veda
d. Atharva veda

7. Which of the following is considered as the first Vedic River where Rig Veda Was prepared?
a. Ganga
b. Yamuna
c. Saraswati
d. Godavari

8. When Aryans first came to India they were
a. Cultivator
b. Traders 
c. Warriors
d. Paatoralists

9. How many Rymns Collection are their in Rig-Veda?
a. 3017
b. 2017
c. 1028
d. 2527

10. The term Aryans denotes which of the following?
a. An ethinic group
b. A Speech group 
c. A nomadic People
d. A superior Race

1. d
2. c
3. a
4. a
5. b
6. a
7. c
8. b
9. c
10. b

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