13 June, 2016

Which Section is the most scoring section in SSC CGL tier 1 and tier 2 examination?

Most Scoring Section of SSC CGL Tier 1 :

 This article is for the aspirant who have quarries about which is the most scoring section of SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam. SSC CGL Exam is 4 tiers examination and Tier 1 contains 4 sections where as tier two has two distinct paper. It is one of the frequently asked question os CGL Aspirants that which is the most scoring section od SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam. We will try to answer to this question. Read complete article to have a distinct view for this question.

  Staff selection commission of India conducts various recruitment examinations every year. Among those SSC CGL Exam is one of the most common and more difficult examination. According to the exam pattern and syllabus provided for CGL exam, the exam is 4 tier examination (effective from cgl 2016, previously it was two tier written, interview and computer proficiency test section). Tier 1 contains 1 paper of 200 marks with four sections of 50 marks namely

  • General Awareness
  • English Language an Comprehension
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude

Again tier 2 contains 2 papers of 200 marks each are

  1. English Language and Comprehension
  2. Quantitative Aptitude

To qualify in SSC CGL Exam a candidate need to have a good dedication handwork  as well as smart preparation plan and strategy for preparation. During preparation time,  one of the most common question which always strikes in every cgl aspirants mind that which part of the syllabus is more scoring and which part of the syllabus is less scoring during examination. Thus giving a proper  the answer to this question is not an easy thing because it purely depends on one's interest on that topic as well as the  background knowledge of candidate to any topic. In many students it is found that some of them likes quantitative Aptitude while other likes Reasoning . Again English is found to be easy for some students. Thus we can not absolutely answer to this question. To have relative answer to this question we need a small analysis. The factors of difficulty level on any topic for any particular students is depends on following things.

Interest of the student in any particular subject depends on

• Reasoning ability of the student
• Aptitude ability of the student
• Vocabulary and understanding level of English grammar of the student
• General IQ level of the student
• Medium of study of the student
• Preparation level and strategy of the Aspirants
• Time management quality of the student
• Working speed of the student
• Daily GK updates of the students
• Practise and mock tests

Thus there are several factors which may effect to any topic which you find more difficult or less difficult to you and thus decides your score to that topic in the exam.

Lets have a generalised discussion to find out which topic is more easier for SSC CGL tier 1 exam and tier 2 and tier 3 as well.

  As we all know that the SSC CGL tier 1 Exam is objective type having four sections among those General awareness and GK section does not need any work time but it needs more background study and general awareness. If you can able to study more and if you have good knowledge of Static GK then you can easily score high in this section. Because this section is less time consuming no need to solve to get answer.

  On the other hand if you are very fast to solve Quantitative Aptitude question then you  may find this section easy but this section contain questions which need to solve and thus time consuming many a time. Again there may be chance of mis placement of digit or miscalculation. Thus changes of doing wrong attempt is high in this section until and unless u don't have very good level of preparation and practise. Thus this section we can say less scoring then general awareness section.

The third section i.e. general Intelligence and Reasoning  section. This is very easy section then quantitative aptitude section. The questions that are asked are not that much of tough in nature but the problem is that it is the highest time consuming section. More or less you need to think to solve any question. And also there are few changes to do wrong answers in this section. Thus we can say that Reasoning is more scoring section then Quantitative but relatively more time consuming then GK section.

 The last topic of SSC CGL tier 1 exam is English Comprehension section. Many students finds this section tougher then any other section. But according to me this section is more scoring then other sections due to the fact that if you prepare well then there is less changes to do wrong answers in this section. What ever you do you can carry full marks in this section. But make sure that you have prepare well for English Comprehension Section. The questions in this section are unpredictable but rule to get answer are always same. Only the thing that you keep in mind is you need a good vocabulary and quick understanding and English reading skill. This can be achieved by reading daily newspaper, watching English news and watching English movies as well as chatting in English with your whats app and Facebook friends.

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