24 December, 2016

How to prepare for SSC Stenographer grade C & D Exam?

SSC Stenographer 2018 Preparation Tips and Tricks | Experts Guide to crack Steno exam 

Dear  Aspirants,
Are you preparing for SSC stenographer grade c & d exam 2018?
Are you searching for experts guide to crack stenographer examination ? Are you searing for best tips and guide for SSC steno exam ?  
Are you searching for smart time table and smart preparation strategies for SSC stenographer exam ? 
Do you need tips and tricks to qualify ssc steno grade c & d exam?
Then this post is just for you go through the post for complete preparation guide for SSC Steno(grade C&D) exam.


Then you are landed in the correct page. Here we will provide you the best tips and trick to crack SSC stenographer examination.We will also guide you  how to make strategies and plans for exam preparation. And thus you will get the sure cut way to crack your dream job and career in SSC steno.

SSC stenographer is very popular 10+2 level ssc online exam conducted by staff selection. There are two grades for SSC steno. Grade C and Grade D. In both the grades the required qualification is Higher secondary level or 10 + 2 level. There is pay a scale difference for grade c and grade D job posts. Grade C stenographer job post is categorized under Pay band  I.e. pay Rs. 9300/- to 34800/- and grade D steno job is categorized under pay band 1 I.e. pay Rs. 5200/- to 20200/- . Though the pay scales are different for both the grades but there will be a common  written examination only different is the skill test or typing test. To qualify for grade C examination you must have a good stenography knowledge or typing knowledge. For grade C job you need a typing speed of 100 words per minute and for grade D job post you need typing speed of 80 words per minute.

 Before proceed to the preparation tips you must have a brief knowledge about the the steno grade c & D exam syllabus and pattern. SSC stenographer exam 2018 for grade C and D will release its notification soon. For Checking Last Year Exam Notice you can visit the following link

Online application form for stenographer exam 2016: complete Notification

Since the exam contains pattern is written part and followed by skill test or typing test. For first of all  we would like to tell you about written examination preparation plans.

How to prepare for SSC stenographer written exam 2018?

Since there are a lot of candidates apply for SSC stenographer exam every thus the examination is becoming more tougher and tougher every year. Thus to clear the examination you must get a good marks in the written examination. To get good mark you must prepare well. Few pre-preparation Strategies and requirements for SSC stenographer Examination is provided below:

1. Know Complete syllabus for SSC stenographer : 
Many peoples are there who apply for the examination and also start preparing for the examination but they don't have the knowledge about the syllabus. Without Syllabus your preparation is useless. So first advice is to download syllabus and go through it.

SSC exam pattern and syllabus for Stenographer  exam 2018

2. Define strong and weak areas in the syllabus: 
After downloading the syllabus find out the topics which is easier to you and which are tougher to you. Note down every strong and weak areas from the syllabus. This will help you to make strategies topic wize.

3. Do Previous Year Stenographer exam cut off analysis: 
Cut off analysis is one of the big factor to crack the examination. Previous year cut off for the examination and other exam related statistics will give you the knowledge about competition level and also help you to set the target for the examination. A psychological belief and confidence that you can easily crack the examination is very much important for cracking the examination.

SSC steno grade C & D previous year cut off analysis.

4. Download previous year question paper:
Previous year Question papers are the best source of exam question. You can analyze the different topics, the frequently asked topics, more popular sections to prepare etc. So download all the previous year question papers for SSC steno examination and analyze it properly. Print the exam papers so that it you can easily practice at any time you required.

5. Buy best Guide books or material: 
The main fuel for exam preparation is books and study materials. Without good book or study material you can not crack any examination. There are a lot of stenographer exam preparation book are available in the market but many of the are come with wrong printing or without great content. So before buying any study materials or books do a deep research. We have write a post to select good book for SSC stenographer examination. Go through it.

Stenographer Exam preparation tips and tricks:

After completion of the above mention requirements now you can plan for stenographer examination accordingly. Few points for exam preparation plans are as follow:

1. Make Smart Preparation Strategy: 
How to prepare for stenographer?  This is one of the great confusion of all the SSC stenographer aspirants.  First thing you should keep in mind is that how much time do is left in your hand for the examination preparation. Plan your time according to the syllabus. Manage a proper and smart time table to give time in all the sections and topics of the syllabus.  Give more time for frequently asked topics and sections. Give more time for the topics which is tougher to you. And give relatively less time for the topics which you think easier for you and also less important in term of exam paper.

2.Manage Daily Routine:  
Routine maintain during the exam preparation is very important to crack and score more in any examinationWithout a routine work or preparation in any field it is not possible to be successful. Fix you daily hours for the preparation. Fix how many hours you are going to read daily. Divide you daily hours to all the section of the exam paper like English section, Gk section, Reasoning section and also the for typing test.  Give maximum time for the preparation of English comprehension section because of its high weightage in the examinations paper since this section carries 100 marks out of 200. So if you are planning 4 hours to read daily then give 2 hour for English Preparation so that you can prepare more. Fix daily hours for each topic. Don't waste more time doing unnecessary works.

3. Do Mock Tests:  
Only preparation for competitive examination will not works out in present scenario because there are a lot of candidates apply for the examination and preparing to be in the selection list. So time management is the examination to do more correct answer is very important. Doing mock test in regular basis is very important for cracking the examination. Do more test weekly to tests your preparation level for stenographer examination.  Select any previous year paper or model paper and test yourself. This will help you to manage time during examination and you will be able to do answer more question in less time. Which will increase your overall marks and rank in the selection list.

4. Do Productive Activities: 
In our day to day life there are a lot of  activities in which we spend time but we gain nothing. Do productive works and activities so that you can learn at least few things. Few productive to do lists are as follows
  • Read daily papers, watch  news in the TV, watch KBC, it will increase your GK and Current affairs too.
  • watching English movies , Hearing English songs  
  • Playing reasoning games, Solve Puzzles etc
  • Maintain small note book to note down current affairs and daily Gk which you learn from News paper and Magazines
  • Main a Note book to note down every tips and Tricks you learn during reasoning practice  

5.Revise and Practice  as much as you can: 
There is a traditional proverb that "Practice Makes a man Perfect". So do revise and practice as much as you can to learn any topic more deeply. Every people of this world has a general tendency there are many thing and topics which we frequently forget. Thus to clear and to remembered then for a longer time we need do practice for those topic. Then only we will be able to be master in those topics. It will also help us to  solve those questions frequently. Any tough questions or topic you can easily grasps by revising and practicing the topics repeatably.

6. Point to remember during examination of SSC Stenographer: 
As the SSC stenographer examination time is fix and you have to do 200 question in 2 hours i.e. in 120 minute. In this 120 minute 15-20 minute will lost for making black dots in OMR sheet in paper based examination and 10-15 minute is required for checking the correct option in Computer based examination. Thus total effective time to solve the exam question is around 100 minute only. And thus for each question you get only 30 second to solve in average. 30 second time is very less. In this short time you can only answer which you know properly and accurately. Trying to solve a unknown  question in this short time is like being fool. So there a lot of things you should keep in mind during examination. Few things to remember during examinations are
Use a ball pen which is being used from many times before. Don't use a new pen for the examination. New pen will increase time for making black dots.

  • Only try to solve the questions which you know quickly. Don't try to solve unknown questions.
  • Questions which you find bit difficult just leave it don't stick to much to this. If get time visit in last.
  • Try to solve English and GK section first. These section don't take much time to be solved.
  • First solve the question and then only response to OMR sheet.

7. Don't try to guess answers: 
 If you have habits of guessing  then this is suggestion to you that don't guess the answer. Many of us thinks that guessing and answering an unknown question will bring a few marks. But its a wrong idea because in every question there are four options and only a single option is correct and 3 are wrong option. So there are 75% change be be wrong of your guessed answer and only 25% change is there for right answer. So never try to guess and answer. If you do mistake by guessing  you will loose the obtained mark too since the examination has negative markings.

SSC  Steno online admit card download

Topic wise preparation tips for SSC stenographer 2018 grade C & D examination.

SSC stenographer Exam Paper contains three section namely
  • English Comprehension
  • General intelligence and Reasoning
  • General Awareness

There are various topics for each sections of syllabus provided but only a few topics are very essential for the examination. From those section questions are asked frequently in the examination. The topic wise preparation tips is given below:

English Comprehension preparation tips and Tricks for SSC Stenographer:

The weightage of English comprehension paper is 50% in the stenographer exam paper. i.e. This English comprehension section will contains 100 question out of 200 questions and thus you need a good preparation in this section to score high. Few smart preparation strategies, tips and to do lists for increase your English language knowledge is given below:
  • Read Daily English New papers, English Magazines and read good English novels 
  • Read English Grammar and comprehension to clear your grammar section.
  • Watch English News and English Movies in the TV.
  • Play Word Rush game and play English puzzle solving games.
  • Hear English Songs as much as you can.
  • Keep a small dictionary with you or Download dictionary in your Smartphone.
  • Learn daily 5-10 new English words.
  • Find any daily used English word and see its synonym and antonyms in dictionary and use the words in your daily taking.
  • Try to talk in English with your friends.
  • Enable on Dictionary in your Smart phone so that you can learn English correctly.
  • Try to chat in English with your friends and write full word, don't use shortcut English words.  
  • Improve English Comprehension and grammar by Practicing and reading comprehensions as much as you can.
  • Buy books for English at Flipkart.com with offers       

General intelligence and reasoning preparation tips and tricks for SSC Steno exam:

General Intelligence is one of the another important section of the Stenographer written examination. This Section contains 50 questions and thus total mark allotted o this section is 50 marks.This Reasoning section is prepared to check the mental and general  understanding and IQ level of the Aspirants. generally reasoning questions are not that much of touch but very time consuming. Thus if you are provided more time to solve reasoning question you can easily solve each and every question but solving a reasoning question in short time required more practice, short cut techniques and Trick to solve. Here we are going mention few reasoning question preparation tips and Shortcut trick to solve the reasoning questions those are
  • Select a best Reasoning Book containing a lot of questions.
  • Keep a Note book so that you can write every tips and trick you get during solving and Reasoning questions.
  • Try to solve reasoning as much as you can
  • Note Topic wise important tricks and tips to solve critical and analytical reasoning.
  • Play Puzzle games in your Mobile instead of playing stupid games.
  • Play IQ games.

  • Try to solve Sudoku of newspapers
  • Play chess with your friends.
  • Improve your 3D visualization.
  • Improve Direction Visualization.
  • Practice to Blood relation puzzles
  • Memorize few basic mathematical formulas for secondary levels to solve mathematical reasoning.
  • Memorize square and cube of number upto 30. e.g square of 12 is 144 and 13 is 169 and so on to quick solve of mathematical reasoning.
  • Memorize Square root and cube root of numbers up to 30. e.g square root of 625 is 25  to quick solve of mathematical reasoning.
  • Memorize english letter positions like e has a position 5 and w is 23 z is 26 etc      
  • Note down the important topics and frequently asked topics from previous year question paper and try to solve as much as you can from those topics. few important topics are Analogy, Coding-decoding, Word-Number series, Symbolic operation, Classification, Blood relation, Social Intelligence, Number series, Word building, Van Diagram etc.   
  • During Examination don't stick to much in a single question. Reasoning questions looks very easy but some times it is difficult to solve. So if you can't able to solve in single attempt then leave the question for future review.
  • Always read the question carefully. The answer of most of the reasoning question is attached with the question.     

General awareness and general knowledge preparation tips and tricks for SSC Stenographer group C and Group D job:

 The another important section of steno Written examination is General awareness section. This section also contains 50 questions and thus marks allotted to this section is also 50 marks. This is the only section where formal preparation will not work. General awareness section includes all the current happenings and Current GK from every field of our day to day life. This section will also includes questions from all the general sections of HSLC or Secondary level syllabus like History, geography, Politics, economics, science, environment etc. Thus here to score more in this section you need a good preparation plan. Here concepts and ideas will not work out. The more things you able memorized the more you will score in the Examination. Few Tips to Increase your GK and general awareness is given below:

  • Read Daily news paper and Monthly magazines. Try to read english news papers and English Magazines.
  • Watch News on TV
  • Watch Discovery and National Geography
  • Buy Best GK book and read on regular basis.
  • Play GK games on mobile.
  • Like GK and current affairs website Facebook pages.
  • During Exam try to solve Gk section first.
  • Buy wall pictures of World map, India map and other regional map.
  • For History section try to make story so that you can easily remember. 
  • Revise as much as you can the Conventional and Subject GK.    

Stenography/ Typing Test Preparation For SSC Stenographer | Best Tying Prep Tips

In order to qualify in the Steno Exam for group C & D posts you need to quality in both written examination and Typing or Stenography test. Typing test is just qualifying type. To insure your selection in final select list you must need to qualify in the in typing speed specified by the Commission. The stenography skill test is conducted in both English and Hindi language and candidates are required to give typing test either in English and Hindi Language. During the  registration process candidates needs to specify the medium failing which English language is conditioned as default language. The transcription time is fixed for both Hindi and English stenography test. In this fix bounded time candidates have to meet required transcriptions speed as well as typing speed in any one of the  languages. if candidates gives the stenography test in English the after the appointments they have to learn Hindi stenography also and vice-versa. Failing which candidate will not able to clear the probation and thus his/her candidature will be terminated.

The Stenography test contains two stages. First stage contains dictation hearing and noting down in notebook. En examiner will dictated in 100 or 80 word per minute and candidates need to note down the dictation And second stage contains transcribing those noted words in proper sentences and paragraphs in computer.

 During dictation a  paragraph will be dictated by the examiner for 10 minutes at different speed for both grade posts. The dictation speed for both the grades are as follows. 
  • Grade C: 100 words/min
  • Grade D : 80 words/min   
Thus the total word dictated  in 10 minutes are 1000 word for Grade C posts and
800 words for grade D posts. Candidates need to input those dictated words in computer in some shorthand form otherwise it is not possible to achieve 100 words per minute.
The second stage contains the transcription of dictation note in computer. The time allotted for transcribing dictation note into computer are as below:
  • Grade C: 4o minute is allotted for typing in English language and 55 minute is allotted for typing in Hindi language. Thus candidates need to Transcribe 1000 word in 40 minute thus the required typing speed is 25 words per minutes for English language and 18-19 words per minute for Hindi transcription.
  • Grade D :50 Minute is allotted for English typing and 65 minute is allotted for typing in Hindi language. Thus candidates are required to transcript 800 words in 50 minute and thus required typing speed for English transcription is 16 words per minute and for Hindi language candidates required to transcript 800 word in 65 minute and thus required typing speed in 12-13 word per minute.
Thus in order to qualify ssc steno typing exam candidate have to meet the above transcription requirement to qualify in the examination.

During typing test candidates will be provided dictation of  English and Hindi paragraphs and candidates need to use computer typing keyboard to input the letters and words provided.

Few important Tips and  increase speed tricks  for stenography typing 

  •  First tips is just memorize the keyboard of your computer so that easily find the positions of letter in the key board.

  • If you use Laptop then just buy a external keyboard and practice because in examination you will have to give test in external keyboard not the embedded key board.
  • Try to chat to your friend as much as you can in Facebook or whats app or hike so as to increase typing speed
  • Always try to type full word. Don't chat in short forms.
  • Daily practice as much as you can. I personally recommend to type two hours daily.
  • While typing try to use all the fingers.Don't type using only two fingers. The speed of typing lies inside the complete use of all the fingers.
  • Do finger exercise daily so as too make fingers strong and smooth for typing.
  • In mobile typing use both the hands.
  • Don't use dictionary prediction and suggested word in mobile typing and try to type complete word by yourself  without mistake.
  • And Final as much as you practice the more your typing speed will be.    

MCQ GK preparation for ssc Stenographer   

Reasoning Preparation Guide 

SSC CGL Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks

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    2. Yes, after dictating the passage and before you start typing, few minutes are allotted to read the passage

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