22 April, 2016

MCQ Daily DOZE: Indian Economy – Impact of Agriculture Sector in Indian Economy –Page 1

Dear Job Aspirants,
In this first Page of on Impact of Agriculture Sector in Indian Economy we will mainly focus on the agricultural sector, its importance to Indian economy and Land development policies. Since Indian economy is primarily dependent on Agricultural Sector so its contribution is very significant. Economic development of India is mainly depends on Agricultural development, Land Utilization and revenue from agricultural sector. This MCQ series will cover some of the important question from agriculture sector which rapidly come in all railways exams or SSC exams. Hope You Enjoy this MCQ series.
1. What % of share do agricultural Sectors have in total GDP of India?
 a. 56.5 %
 b. 45.9 %
 c. 14.6 %      
 d. 15.7%
2. What % of Indian Population is dependent on Agriculture?
 a. 40%
 b. 50%
 c. 60%     
d. 70%

3.  Which of the following is directly affected by Agricultural Growth?
 a. Inflation
 b. Employment Generation
 c. Poverty eradication
 d. All of the Above 
4. Which of the following is the allied sector of Agriculture in context of Indian Economy?
 a. Horticulture
 b. Animal Husbandry
 c. Dairy
 d. All of the above  
5. What was the Agricultural growth in 11 th Five year plan of India?
 a. 2.5 %
 b. 3.4 %
 c. 4 %      
 d. 6 %

6. Which of the following is the Commercial crop among the crops Mention ?
 a. Cotton     
 b. Rice
 c. Wheat
 d. Milk

7. The Price by which the government is ready to purchase the crop from the farmer is called?
 a. Minimum Index Price (INP)
 b. Minimum Support Price (ISP)      
 c. Minimum Purchase Price (MPP)
 d. None 

8. Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) is established in which of the following year ?
 a. 1956
 b. 1957     
 c. 1958
 d. 1959

9. Which of the following country is considered as the largest milk producing country in the world?
 a. America
 b. Russia
 c. China
 d. India     
10. Who Among the following is considered as the founder of Green Revolution in India?
 a. Dr. M. S. Swaminathan
 b. Dr. William Gande
 c. Dr. Norman Borlaug       
 d. None

1. c
2. c
3. d
4. d
5. c
6. a
7. b
8. b
9. d
10. c

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