30 March, 2016

MCQ Daily DOZE: Geography – Universe and Solar system – page 3

Dear Job Aspirants,
Continuing with the Universe and Solar system in this Page 3 will be discussing and focusing on some important characteristics of Sun other members of Solar system. It is seen that many simple questions come from Sun and Solar system but we cannot able to answer due to lack of depth preparation. In this page we will try to give some easy but important questions from solar system to complete the preparation.
1. How big is the Sun as compared to our earth?
 a. 10 lakh times
 b. 11 Lakh times
 c. 12 Lakh times
 d. 13 Lakh times   
2. What is the Diameter of Sun?
 a. 11 lakh KM
 b. 12 Lakh KM
 c. 14 Lakh KM             
 d. 13 Lakh KM

3. Gases presents in the Sun are?
 a. Hydrogen and Helium    
 b. Hydrogen and Lithium
 c. Neon and Argon
 d. Helium and Neon

4. What is the % of Hydrogen gas present on Sun?
 a. 100 %
 b. 71 %            
 c. 75%
 d. 26.5 %

5. The reaction due to which heat energy is created in the Sun is called?
 a. Nuclear Fusion     
 b. Nuclear Fission
 c. Endothermic Reaction
 d. None

6. What is the Surface temperature of Sun?
 a. 4000 degree Centigrade
 b. 5000 degree Centigrade
 c. 6000 degree Centigrade               
 d. 5000 degree Centigrade

7. The Outer layer of Sun’s atmosphere made up of thin hot gases. What does it called?
 a. Corona       
 b. Redila
 c. Hot spot
 d. None

8. How far is the sun from earth?
 a. 100 Million KM
 b. 150 Million KM    
 c. 200 Million KM
 d. 250 Million KM

9. How many time do a light photon takes to reach earth from Sun?
 a. 7 minute
 b. 8 Minute
 c. 8.5 Minute     
 d. 9 minute

10. What is the Speed of light which comes from sun?
 a. 3 x 10^6 km/sec
 b. 3 x 10^7 km/sec
 c. 3 x 10^8 km/sec
 d. 3 x 10^5 km/sec      

1. d
2. c
3. a
4. b
5. a
6. c
7. a
8. b
9. c
10. d

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