10 February, 2016

What are the benefits of cracking SSC Examination ?

In this article we are going to focus on some great benefits of cracking ssc exams. Many candidates ask us queries regarding job benefits, allowances that ssc offers to their employees after recruitment. So this article is written in order to answer to those frequently asked questions regarding benefits of cracking SSC EXAM.

SSC is being one of the most popular career platform of many Indian citizen from many years.  SSC recruits various Grade B, grade C and Grade D officers to work in many central government departments, ministries, offices and organization.
SSC conducts its Recruitment examinations annually to fulfil all the shortage of vacancies and thus not  to interrupt the ongoing work process. Many fress candidates who has just heart about SSC examination for the first time has a confusion about its job profile, benefits, type of life and salaries. So in this post I will share you few advantages of cracking SSC examination.
1. It's Central Govt job: first and foremost advantage of SSC job is it is central govt job so you fortunate enough to serve all over the India. You may be posted in different cities of India. So you will enjoy all India level Working environment.

2. Job security: Job security is one of the most common problem of many of private firm jobs and many reputed Private Companies as well. So if you crack SSC job you are lucky that you are having job security. You will not loose you job through out you life if you are decent to your work.

3. Good Salary: yes, SSC pays you a decent amount of salary so that you can lead a standard life of all India level.

4. Incentives : SSC job also provides various incentives including allounces, casual leaves, medical facilities and travel allounces, festival bonus and more. Many of which private firm is not able to pay.

5. Promotions: If you are well educated and deserb higher ranks in the respective departments then you have a good career progression facilities. SSC conduct departmental examination annually so you can pass the examination to be promoted for higher Rank.

6. Pension: SSC also provides pension after retirement so that your social security in old age be retain. Now a days government provides National Pension System, mutual fund and many more pension schemes which any employee can choose for his best.

So, these are the main benefits of cracking any SSC examination. Try hard to be selected for ssc examinations. Best of luck.

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