24 October, 2015

SSC Reasoning Preparation tips: Analogy

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Reasoning is one of four main sections of most of the competitive examinations including SSC, RRB, IBPS, UPSC or any other government or private firm examinations Recruitment Examinations. A good knowledge of reasoning is very much important for cracking any competitive recruitment examinations. Since Reasoning Syllabus on analogy of SSC Exam is a very vast subject which includes all the field of our day to day life situations problems, understanding of those  critical situation, relationships to one another and many more. In this Post Series We will be discussing about Various SSC Reasoning Tips and  Questions from analogy Section. Analogy is the means of comparing two different sections of logic with some specific features these sections. Let’s go in depth of the topic.

SSC Reasoning on Analogy generally means relationships between two words or two sentences or two things. Analogy gives the similarity between two different group of things which shares same type of features or ideas. Questions from analogy section generally composed of Semantic analogy or Symbolic analogy or Figural Analogy.

Semantic Analogy:

Semantic analogy generally forms with words having similar meaning in senses and thus here candidate has to find out which is correct option for given word, which is similar like meaning with the given example. The main aim of this type of analogy is to test the candidate’s ability to recognize the similarities of different entities of our day to day life and situations.
e.g. Teeth : Mouth:: Brain: Skull
Here relation of Teeth and Mouth is similar to the relation of Brain with Skull. In both the cases firth thing is situated inside second thing i.e. Teeth is always situates in Mouth and Brain is always situated inside Skull. 

Tips and Tricks 1:

If all the option have similar type then find the word with closest meaning matches with the question pair.
Gather all the corresponding words and sentences of any words or thing you know like games, animals, country, synonyms/antonyms, states/nations, musical instruments and players, Political leaders and their parties, Famous book and writer, Movies and cast and crew and many more.

Symbolic or Number analogy:

This type of analogy covers the relationships between word formation, positional relations of letters, mathematical equations and relations, Mathematical properties of numbers, Different values, Position values etc.
e.g. 67:42 :: 84:32 here 42=6*7 Similarly 32=8*4
or MNO:LMN::PQR:OPQ here all the second latter of both group is backed by 1 positions.

Tips & Tricks 2: 

By heart square/cube of numbers or Square root/ Cube root of numbers up to 30.
Learn the basic operations of mathematics like multiplications/division/addition/ subtractions and how to use them logical questions.
By heart the positions of English letters like a has position 1, b has 2, c has 3 etc. by heart EJOTY word to recall positions with multiple of 5. i.e. E has position 5 and Y has position 25 and so on for other.

Figural Analogy:

 Figural analogy relates the common features like similarities, orientations, structures, rotations, elemental relations, positional relation, size relations, no of elements of two different figures.
Rotation of figure may be in both directions i.e. clockwise or anticlockwise. So first of all find the exact rotation direction.
Pattern of element placed in the figure also may be one of the analogical tricks for solving analogy figural analogy questions
Image rotation of the figure is also one of the most analogical tricks of solving questions

Tips and Tricks 3:

While solving figural analogy question always keep in mind that how the figure is formed, how many sticks are used in the figure, how many close boundaries are there in the figure, rotation of items in the figure, numbers of elements in the figure, image form of the figure, vertices of the figure, change in the values of elements.

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