26 October, 2015

MCQ Daily DOZE: Indian Economy – Characteristics of Indian Economy

Dear Job Aspirants,
As all the recruitment competitive examinations paper contains GK section with good weight of marks. So, good knowledge in India GK is required to have good score in those competitive Examinations. Indian Economy is one of very essential topic of India GK. With good subject knowledge in Indian economy helps job aspirants to crack any recruitment examinations. This MCQ Daily DOZE on Indian Economy Series will help you to revise your Basic Knowledge and also help you to make good score in GK section. Below, some MCQ questions from Indian Economy from chapter characteristics of Indian Economy are listed below.

1. What is the world rank of Indian economy on PPP basis by the report of World Bank?

 a. 1st
 b. 2nd
 c. 3rd
 d. 4th

2. What type of Economy do Indian Economy Posses?

 a. Developed Economy
 b. Socialist Economy
 c. Mixed Economy
d. Capitalist Economy

3.  Indian Economy primarily depends on which one of the Following?

 a. Agriculture
 b. Large scale Industries
 c. Small scale Industries
 d. All of the Above

4.  Which one of the following are not the characteristics of Indian Economy?

 a. National Income is very low on international standard and also per capita Income is much low
 b. Higher percentage of population living below poverty level.
 c. Individual saving is Very High due to high national income of India.
 d. Unemployment level is very high in India.

5. In which of the following type of Economy are the factors of production owned individually?

 a. Mixed Economy
 b. Capitalist Economy
 c. Socialist economy
 d. Both b and c

6. Poverty in less developed Countries is mainly due to?

 a. Voluntary idleness
 b. Income Inequality
 c. Lack of cultural activities
 d. Lack of Education of the people

7. Which one of the following is the primary sector of Indian Economy?

 a. Agriculture
 b. Fishing
 c. mining
 d. All of above

8. Which one of the following is the Secondary Sector of Indian Economy?

 a. Manufacturing
 b. Construction
 c. Electricity, gas and Water Supply
 d. All of above

9. Which one of the following is the Tertiary Sector of Indian Economy?

 a. Transport, Communication and Trade
 b. Banking and Finance
 c. Real estate and Public Administration
 d. All of above

10. Which one of the following factor is not important for Economic development of the country?

 a. Natural resources
 b. Freedom of corruption
 c. Skilled labour force
 d. Capital gain

1. d
2. c
3. a
4. c
5. b
6. b
7. d
8. d
9. d
10. b

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