26 October, 2015

MCQ Daily DOZE: Geography – Universe and Solar system – page 1

Dear Job Aspirants,
SSC RRB, UPSC or any public sector or private Firm placement examination GK paper contains a lot of questions from geography section. Many questions from universe and solar system of geography section are seen in all type of recruitment examination. Universe is very interesting topic of geography as well as easy to understand and learn the facts about Universe and solar system. This MCQ Daily DOZE on Geography Series will help the job aspirants to revise your Basic Knowledge and also help you to make good score in geography section. Below, some MCQ questions from geography from topic universe and solar system are listed below.

1. The study of Universe is called?

 a. Cytology
 b. exobiology
 c. Cosmology
 d. Ecology

2. What is the name of our Galaxy?

 a. Dwarf Galaxy
 b. Milky Way Galaxy
 c. Andromeda galaxy
d. None

3. What is the name of largest known Galaxy?

 a. Dwarf Galaxy
 b. Milky Way Galaxy
 c. Andromeda galaxy
 d. None

4.  What is the name of nearest Galaxy of earth?

 a. Dwarf Galaxy
 b. Milky Way Galaxy
 c. Andromeda galaxy
 d. None.

5. Big Bank Theory is formulated and Proposed by whom?

 a. Keplar
 b. George Lamaitre
 c. Einstein
 d. None

6. Stars are made of which of the followings?

 a. Rocks
 b. Water and Paddy
 c. Hot Burning gases
 d. solid elements

7. Which of the following is the nearest star of earth except Sun?

 a. Moon
 b. Milky way
 c. Proxima Centuary
 d. Carla

8. How many planets are there in our solar system?

 a. 9
 b. 8
 c. 10
 d. 7

9. Smaller heavenly bodies that rotates around sun are called?

 a. Planets
 b. Asteroids
 c. Comets
 d. All of above

10. The gravitational force due to which all the planets and other heavily bodies rotates around the sun is called?

 a. Centrifugal force
 b. Centripetal force
 c. Cosmic force
 d. Surface tension

1. c
2. b
3. a
4. c
5. b
6. c
7. c
8. b
9. d
10. a

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