28 September, 2015

MCQ GK Daily DOZE: Physics- Unit & Measurements- Page 1

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 Physics is very essential subject for any technical and non technical examination like RRB JE examination, RRB SSE Examination, SSC JE examination, UPSC JE or SE Examinations, SSC CGL, CHSL, IBPS and Banking etc or any other Public sector of private firm junior or senior engineer examination. Many question from physics is also asked in all SSC examinations or UPSC examination in the GK section. So Knowledge of Basic Physics is very important for any exam to crack. This MCQ Daily DOZE Series will help you to revise your Basic Physics Knowledge. Below, some MCQ questions from Physics chapter Unit and Measurement System is listed.

1. SI Unit is the internationally accepted unit of measurement. What is the Full form of SI Unit?

 a. Sub International.
 b. Significant International
 c. System International
 d. Scalar International

2. Which of the following is the derived unit?

 a. Ampere
 b. Mass
 c. Mole
 d. Newton

3. What is the Unit of Luminous Intensity?

 a. Kelvin
 b. Candela
 c.  Mole
 d. joule

4. Light year is the Unit of which of the following quantity?

 a. Time
 b. Distance
 c. Velocity
 d. Luminous Intensity

5. What is the Unit of work done?

 a.  Newton
 b. Kelvin
 c. Dyne
 d. joule

6. Which of the Following is the Scalar Quantity?

 a. Velocity
 b. Displacement
 c. Distance
 d. Torque

7. Which of the Following is the Vector Quantity?

 a. Mass
 b. Work
 c. Power
 d. Force

8. Which of the Following is the Scalar Quantity?

 a. Acceleration
 b. Momentum
 c. Electric current
 d. Velocity

9. Which Of the following is true for Vector Quantity?

 a. It has Both Magnitude and Direction
 b. It has only direction
 c. It has only magnitude and No direction
 d. Scalar quantity obeys triangle law.

10. CGS Unit of Force is?

 a. Newton
 b. Dyne
 c. erg
 d. joule

1. a
2. d
3. b
4. b
5. d
6. c
7. d
8. c
9. c
10. b

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